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Product Features

Save time and deliver a better customer experience with Hystreet, the cutting edge estate agent software for modern property professionals.

Appointments booked at any time of day or night - for times that suit you.

Your clients can book any appointments online day or night, every day of the week, regardless of your standard business hours. Hystreet removes the piggy-in-the-middle of passing messages back and forth between vendor and applicants by confirming appointments with one click. Other online systems require multiple sign-offs and requests before an appointment is confirmed and are ultimately no more efficient than picking up the phone.

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reasons to choose hystreet

Capture more market share by offering a range of services.

Appeal to more potential customers by offering a new range of online services, whilst also supporting your traditional sales service. By offering add-on services and creating great opportunities for you to upsell, Hystreet's cloud based platform allows you to rapidly boost your business’ profitability.

Clients can instruct, manage and negotiate their own sale or purchase directly online, allowing you to win instructions from customers that are happy to manage their own sale in exchange for the cheaper fee and online convenience of a 24/7 service. If their property doesn’t sell, then they can upgrade to your full traditional service easily.

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See how Hystreet can work for you.

Hystreet is already helping estate agents throughout the country evolve their business. See how it can help you.

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listing approval

Send property details over the web from any device, at any time.

Now you can send a valuation/appraisal report directly to your clients from your phone, tablet or any other device - even before you leave the property! If the client is happy, they can instruct and pay right away. Customers can request changes changes to their draft property details via the system.

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Hystreet chases and communicates with your clients for you - saving you even more time.

See an end to the stress of chasing feedback every morning! The Hystreet platform automatically chases viewer feedback after a viewing, then instantly delivers it to the vendor via email. The vendor will even receive regular updates on the chase, so they are never left wondering about the outcome of their viewing.

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chasing feedback
compliance checklist

Compliance checks made simple and easy.

Sellers and buyers conduct online ID checks via the platform, automatically checking and approving their identity in just a couple of minutes. Your clients can submit all the information you require to help you stay compliant. Find out online from your client about any leasehold charges, info on shared access, if there have been any neighbourly disputes and much more.

Submitting information for a sale has never been easier. Once your buyers and vendors have submitted everything you need, Hystreet will even automatically generate a memorandum of sale for you and send it to all parties involved.

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