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Founder and CEO of Hystreet Awais Ahmad shares his thoughts in our blog.

Jan 30


There is a wealth of options currently for estate agents that are in the market for a new CRM system, Hystreet included. We wanted to write a little article to help clear up some potential misunderstandings when you’re shopping around, and to help dispel some myths that have cropped up over the years in respect to this very specific type of technology. Whether you’re a traditional high street agent or an online agent, it’s important to find an online estate agent system that suits you. ##Viewings ###Expectations: All systems need an agent to manually input viewing details For most estate agents in the UK, your process for getting a viewing finalised and booked in the diary probably involves several back-and-forth conversations with both the applicant and the seller, checking the viewing agent’s diary, before eventually finalising the appointment. For the most part, systems out there don’t help a massive amount: They may allow you to pencil in unconfirmed appointments and if you’re lucky, will send out a confirmation email.

Reality: Viewings can be booked and fully confirmed instantly at any time.

With Hystreet, viewings are booked and confirmed automatically 24/7, whomever is planning to conduct the viewings. Sellers and agents both pre-approve when they are available for the appointment, so whether it’s just the seller, just the agent, or both the seller and the agent, the buyer sees a selection of available times, picks one, and everything is instantly confirmed. Emails are sent out to the buyer, seller, and agent so everyone is kept fully up to date and informed.

Offer negotiation

###Expectations: CRM systems can’t help with offer negotiations Much like with viewings, your current offer negotiation process probably involves an awful lot of back-and-forth communication between several buyers, the seller, passing on notes, messages, returning calls, and more. Not only can there be more to do than with viewings, everyone involved tends to be a lot more passionate, so it’s crucial that the correct information is passed on promptly and concisely to the relevant parties. ###Reality: Your CRM can take care of offer negotiation for you Hystreet automatically passes on all offers to the seller as soon as they are made – including position information and more. It even notifies the seller and the agent, so everyone is kept fully up to date. The seller is then free to accept if they are happy with the offer, or they can reject the offer whilst also inputting a reason why, enabling the applicant to potentially update their offer and make a new one.

If the seller has several offers submitted and they accept one, the remaining offers are automatically rejected with a message letting them know the seller accepted a different offer – however, should the makers of any of these rejected offers come forward and wants to make another offer they are able to. All of this ensures that the seller is able to accept and progress with the best sale for them.

Customer service

###Expectations: CRM systems need to be worked around to provide good customer service. CRM systems of course have their benefits to a modern estate agency; If used right, they keep everything in one place, enable several staff members to stay up to date on customers and sales, and allow everyone to pick up tasks if needs be. It’s safe to say that in today’s world it’s almost unimaginable to run an estate agency without one. However, the majority of current estate agent CRMs have years and years of legacy systems applied to them making processes slow, clunky, difficult to train people up on, and all around difficult to use. This means that often it can be difficult to get information up quickly, make sure you’re looking at the most up to date information, and other things. This can often result in crossed wires and cross customers – the exact opposite of what most CRMs are designed to achieve.

Reality: CRMs can now free up your time to spend on better customer service

In a recent report published by global consumer research giant PwC ( it was announced that customers are able to recognise great customer service more easily when a combination of people and tech are used to provide their service. There are areas customers identify for improvement, creating clear opportunities for advancements by using new technologies and digitizing more of your business and processes. Advances in technology will have an impact on customer experience, and the majority of consumers are aware of that. But that impact could be positive, frustrating or a little bit of both. Good customer experience minimizes friction, maximizes speed and efficiency and maintains a human element, embedded within the automation, AI or other technologies. It leaves consumers feeling heard, seen and appreciated. It has a tangible impact… The price premiums consumers are willing to pay adds up for companies who heed the call for a customer experience that goes beyond the usual and brings together the best elements of people, technology and service. In short, by embracing technology and enabling your customers to carry out simple tasks throughout the sales process, then you let your customers feel more empowered, happy, and willing to come back next time – as long as they can speak to a person when they do.