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Founder and CEO of Hystreet Awais Ahmad shares his thoughts in our blog.

Nov 22


Regardless of how you regard online estate agents, or how much market share they have in your area, it’s almost guaranteed that your valuers will find themselves up against an online agent at least once or twice in 2019. As and when that happens, make sure that your employees know what to expect, so they’re armed with all the facts upfront.

The systems used by many online agents are cutting-edge, even if their staff aren’t.

Funded by venture capital firms and other investments, by this point the tech behind many online agents (especially some of the bigger names) has had years to develop and get rid of any hiccups. You won’t be able to deny that if a customer does go with an online or hybrid agent with a web based platform, they will have 24/7 access to a portal where they can upload info, check the status of their property sale, and more. Of course, one of the best ways to combat these queries from potential vendors is to sign up for Hystreet – you’ll be able to compete toe-to-toe with these online agents. If you haven’t yet signed up for your free trial with Hystreet, it’s important to emphasise your supportive team, and the level of face-to-face customer service you’re able to provide.

How much are their fees? What other options do they offer?

Often times, for many vendors, the question of whether or not to go with a traditional agent like you or an online/hybrid agent simply comes down to price. Whilst you may know the fees your online competitors offer, and any hidden add-ons that come with it, make sure your staff also do. For many negotiators, it can fluster them fairly quickly if they don’t have the facts, and the potential vendor is under the impression that they will only pay something in the region of £700, not counting fees for accompanied viewings, VAT, or any other potential add-on packages.

Who are the main online agents in your local area?

Whilst the main name in the wider property industry is of course Purplebricks, in our research we’ve found that in many parts of the country, other less-known online agents actually have much higher market share – sometimes by a very significant margin! Make sure your employees know which online agents they may be up against, so nothing catches them off-guard Of course, there are many more facts about online agents than the above three, but in all of our research we have found that at least knowing these three facts means that your employees will have answers for the majority of questions they may be asked by vendors.