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Founder and CEO of Hystreet Awais Ahmad shares his thoughts in our blog.

Aug 31


Introducing Hylife, the brand new podcast from the team at Hystreet! The Hystreet team discuss current news, events, and anything else happening in the world of proptech and property, sharing our own perspectives and opinions on the industry as former estate agents, marketing geeks, and techies alike.

In our first episode three intrepid Hystreet proptechies dip their toes into podcasting. Digital Strategist Dylan, Sales Manager Jay, and CEO Awais discuss their personal experiences and perspectives from working in estate agency, how things have changed, and where we can see the industry going as we move forward from this very turbulent time.

We also briefly discuss the history of coffee, over-used linked-in analogies, and what proptech influencers we’d prefer to bow down to in a bizarre, dystopian future.